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Women in Motion

   Welcome to Women in Motion!!

     What you have just witnessed are animated Gifs!! These aren't movies and they don't require Flash or any special code to view them. These are simply files that can be viewed in any browser. Unlike animated graphics bow, spit or smiley , these are actual shots of people that can be used on a website, as a avatar, a profile picture, a signature picture or presented in a gallery.

  The purpose of this site is to freeze points of actions so you can savor them!! Over the next few months, we will display pictures from various sports such as Fitness, BB, Track and Field, Volleyball, tennis and cycling. We like to call them - Wimics or (Women in Motion Pics).

   Today people are sharing pictures and movies through Youtube, Facebook and Myspace. Movies are nice, but are not easily portable or sharable. With an animated Gif, you can highlight moments that may be missed when viewing 30 frames per second.

  In addition to creating a sequence of files, we may add special effects like shadows, lighting, remove the background, colorization, Black and White, sepia as well as vary the duration of the pictures. All these effects will serve to emphasize the action at hand.

  We want to be on the cutting edge in this arena. Stay turned for animated text and animated Gifs within other animated Gifs!! For now, sit back and enjoy the show!!!

   Below are some examples of some the things we can do with a sequence of pictures. The first column will just be the animation without any special effects. The second column will be enhanced with the special effects. If the sequence has a lot of files, the animation wil be broken up to keep the file size small.

   Certainly, the subject matter can be anything like athletic men, baby expressions, animals tricks, wedding moments etc... Let us know what other subjects you like!!